Every photographer knows that the background in pictures is very important because most times even the background can tell a story. It is in the photographer’s interest to make sure that the story the background tells is aligned with what the subject in the photoshoot should be portraying. 

Sometimes you can adjust the background according to the type of photoshoot you are doing. For example, if you are doing a photoshoot for a dress collection you can set up a mirror in a garden and take fabulous photos. However, sometimes what you want to do is adjust the photoshoot to what is available to you. Especially when working in a studio, sometimes you may not have the space or the area to build a lot of different backgrounds. This is a case where you might want to think about some statement pieces that would look good with all the different types of photoshoots. In our studio we have focused on details to create minimalistic and elegant backgrounds.

  1. Statues

Statues are a classic and creative way to upgrade your studio. They add details to your story and can bring more attention to the background. You can do some very unique poses with statues and have fun while letting out your inner artist.

  1. Feathers

Feathers are a symbol of purity and power. They can be used as decor to warm the photos based on the color they have. If you want to fill some space in the studio because it looks a bit boring because it is quite empty, then feathers are a great addition for that too!

  1. Festive Lights

Now we all know that photographers have their professional flashlights and they do not need festive lights to improve the brightness of the studio. However, one can be very artistic in the way they use the shadows of the festive lights to capture the photos. Festive lights also look great when blurred out.

You can find a lot of other statement pieces and decor to add to your studio, but these are just some of our favorites!

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