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Professional Art Portraits
Would you like you or your loved ones to have a beautiful portrait? A well-known photography service is waiting for orders! We have the experience and expertise of being called "the best portrait photographers in Kosovo." If interested, please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.
Professional clothes/fashion photos
Norik Uka Photography also specializes in Editorial Fashion Photography. We’ve helped many clients brand their products and high fashion clothing in many events or private studios in the Balkan area. We offer professional photography services that cover the three different types of images you might need for your business. We specialize in Branding a Product, High-End Fashion Shoot, and Storytelling photos to help tell any story with our enhanced artistic presence captured on location or studio shoots!
Wedding / Engagement photos
We are professional Albanian Photographers that focus on wedding photography. We take pride in our work and provide you with a style of photos for your special day, which will be able to touch today's trends while capturing all the magic moments live! Your big day deserves only the best from us- we want nothing less than giving every client an unforgettable experience they'll cherish forever through their memories captured beautifully by the lens as it happens without any fuss or brotherliness during prepping times beforehand because at this point there's an only celebration going around knowing these guys got everything right when dealing solely with seizing those precious seconds during the wedding. We hope our work will speak for itself so you can experience one of Albania's best wedding photographers! We work with you to capture every moment that makes it so special. A great photographer will not only document what happens but also get beneath deep skin levels and show how individuals feel about one another during this lifetime occasion, something which can't always be told by looking at someone closely alone (or even sitting next to them).
Family photos
Imagine the perfect photo for a family event – one that will last forever. We can help you create it! With our professional equipment and experienced photographers, your memories won't just be captured on camera; they'll live through all of the time because we're dedicated to making sure every moment is magnificent. In order not to miss any special moments with friends and loved ones during events such as weddings (or other celebrations), many people turn towards smartphones instead, which often results in distracted lifestyles full-time where capturing compelling photos becomes secondary…until now. The best memories of your life are the ones you share with family. Let us help transform those moments into pictures that will last forever in our studio!
Children photos
When photographing children, it is important to show them in a manner that will give you the most honesty. The unguarded expression on their faces and eyes can be an endearing task for any photographer since they offer more than what seems possible from an infant or toddler sitting still during photoshoots! There are many different ways to execute child photography, and one great option is by going for a trusted team of professional photographers who know how to interact with children in order to make them feel at ease while photographing the scene. You can play around with themes, props as well location – this photoshoot will be an enjoyable experience even behind-the-scenes!
Newborn photos
We all know that the moment your baby arrives is a very special one. It's an amazing experience, and you'll never forget it! At lovelight, our goal has always been to produce beautiful artwork for these moments in life so they can last forever with their families. Newborn babies are perfect for photography within the first 10 days, as they're very sleepy and happy to pose. These sessions become difficult after 14-days of age because at that point, their personalities have developed enough, so you won't get any beautiful shots with them anymore!
Pregnancy photos
Images that celebrate your pregnancy and show off the bump are what we do best! This is a perfect opportunity to create once-in lifetime memories of such an important time in life when you get to document how much growth happens during this precious journey with loved ones by documenting their first steps together! We recommend having our sessions around 34 weeks because often, at that point, everything feels more comfortable for both mommy & daddy and likely being one of those days where everything looks amazing (but don't worry – all pregnancies are different).
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