Paper Birds

I am a native European, of the South Eastern kind. I speak a very unique language, similar to no other, and definitely an old one. My favorite word in my language is the one for hello: “Tu-ngjat-jeta”, which means ‘may you have a long life’. My country is always in turmoil, it’s never stable and it’s never free. My education is a big puzzle, but somehow I made it. I even graduated from a prestigious university, but the degree had nothing to do with photography. I learned photography on my own, beginning more than a decade ago. I hate working in offices or staying in the same place for a long time, so being a photographer makes my day fun; plus, I am a gemini in horoscope so I love to talk a lot and meeting hundreds of people is my specialty. I love food, especially seafood. As far as my country is concerned, I have met all the very important people here, and I even taken their pictures. Soon I will start doing more work outside my country, but I need to have this special piece of paper which allows me to travel. I hope I will get it soon.

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