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This list of foods is very important for your baby’s condition and mood. Avoid these at least one day before the photoshoot, and you might find that they help improve how well it works every night – especially if eaten during a photo session! We work hard so that your images are nothing less than breathtaking, and we know you want them as soon as possible!

We want to ask that you bring:

– A supply of milk and nappies, 

– A dummy even if your baby normally doesn’t use one. This will help us get great photos! Please also try not to feed him/her for 2 – 3 hours before the photoshoot; this helps with falling asleep quickly, so they are more likely going into deep sleep mode while shooting portraits (and less awake). It eliminates dressing up / stripping down, which takes time when traveling between locations.

– A change of clothes; in case your baby gets too messy.

We’re excited to get started with the family photos! We would suggest you wear plain white, navy or blacktops. We’ll need everyone for a range of shots, so be prepared—you may want to take some time in between setups if it’s warm out, but don’t forget that newborns can be pretty uncomfortable when they first start getting used to their new muscles.

We’ll bring coffee and tea for everyone, as well as water. If you want to bring something else (like snacks or lunch), that’s okay too 🙂 The studio is stocked with everything needed.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that every client will achieve the desired pose with their baby. There are times when things don’t work out as planned. We won’t force an unwilling baby into a certain pose if they show signs of discomfort or dislike towards it after 3 attempts at getting them comfortable in said position—instead, we’ll try something else!

We recommend colors that will flatter baby-making skin tones, so if our clients decide to use different hues and realize they aren’t quite what was expected of them, we won’t change the background color in post-production. Our standard waiting period for finished products is 3 – 6 weeks, but this may extend over summer months or during Christmas time due to high demand for our services.

We encourage our clients to send us their dream concept for the shoot, which can either be an idea, a mood board, or even just a few outfits together with accessories and colored backgrounds. We prefer this route rather than being sent product labels or photos of random items because it helps us start daydreaming about bringing your vision to life.

Norik Uka is easily found in Google Maps. If you need directions, please call us at +383 49 44 00 44 for help!

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