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Norik Uka

Norik Uka is a well-known moment-capturer in Kosovo. He seeks to join important events in his clients’ lives and to create lovely memories that they will cherish eternally.

It all started out of pure passion. Focusing on capturing the eyes since they are the gateway to the soul and people’s emotions, making people feel great about themselves and being able to convert that into a memory in the shape of a photograph was a hobby of his for several years before he went on to transform it into an empire later on in his life.

In 2005, he started integrating his love for photography into his job by working in product marketing. His amazingly creative artwork earned him many irresistible offers throughout the years, but he chose to follow his vision of turning photography into something Kosovo had never seen before. That is when he started developing photoshoots and upgraded event pictures to another level. He sees it as “creating a small record of the soul of each person” and finds joy in connecting with clients.

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“A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, But A Video Shows A Thousand Pictures”

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